A Critical time at Angels Gate (edited)

Hello, This is Fritter. Fritter has been donated to a very worthy cause. She is going to ANGELS GATE. Angels Gate is a shelter and hospice, a really awesome place. I encourage you to visit there site http://www.angelsgate.org/ . They house all critters, not just dogs and cats, and this shelter is for physically challenged and hospice animals. They have recently relocated from a 1 acre home on long Island to a 100 acre site in Delhi, NY, approx 150 miles north of Manhattan. I spoke to Susan at AG briefly on Easter Sunday. She had just returned from doing 20 loads of laundry at the public laundry. Their dryer has kicked the bucket. Along with the dryer, there is an entire typed page of things these wonderful people need to help these animals. Susan also told me about a "fence raising" they will soon be conducting. Art for Shelter Animals has also run an article on this shelter. http://artforshelteranimals.blogspot.com/ I will be interviewing Susan as soon as she has a moment extra. Until then, I hope you will all check out the site on your own. Lori Michelle

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artbyakiko said...

Hi Lori. Your works are so CUTE, full of character, and what a great cause! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such wonderful comments.

Etsy for Animals

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Lori Rowe was raised by a geographically mobile family and considers Mystic, CT her town of origin. In keeping with her heritage, she now lives full time on the road traveling with her husband of seventeen years, 3 marvelous dogs and one pesky cat. She occupies her days as a full time artist. Her impressionistic art works are owned by both fine art collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Her passionate love of animals and children compels her to contribute much of her work to raise funds for worthy causes such as no-kill shelters, Dogs Deserve Better, Guide Dogs of America, Inc., CASA- protecting foster children (of the human variety) and animal hospice shelters.

Lori has recently been published by PAWS For Charity in the 2010 book PAWS For Charity which is donating all sales to The Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade.