took place on Saturday October 9th at the Lea county center for the arts. This was all new for me as i had just joined this association. I was told it was one of the oldest, most respected art associations in the state. This show was judged by LARRY WILCOX and there were ribbons and cash awards given. I told my husband Greg that I wanted to go even though I didn't expect to even receive an honorary mention, I fully expected the states best art to be there and I was eager to see it. I was right, the works were wonderful. When we got there I noticed right away where my paintings were, on opposite sides of the room, and we started making the rounds a piece at a time. Well, inevitably, I start chatting up some one and Greg and I get separated. Next thing I know, my laid back husband is dragging me across the room saying "look". It was RUBY, she's such a popular girl, she had taken the third place ribbon for Acrylics and Oils!!! For the first time in my life, I couldn't say a thing. Finally, excitement set in and I went out to call my sister, promptly dropped the phone on the cement and shattered the face of my I Phone. It was OK though, nothing could squelch my joy.


Art Gallery opening and Saving Grace

This is Grace, she is the new logo for "Saving Grace pit bull rescue".
August 28th was the Grand opening of the Renovated Center for the Arts by the Lea county commission for the arts in Hobbs, New Mexico. I entered 3 paintings and a jury selected the two in the pictures above and another was chosen for gift shop.(below) This is the first time i have shown in a gallery and was honored that they called me to enter. The evening was a huge success with hundreds of people there.

Etsy for Animals

Thing you should check out!



Lori Rowe was raised by a geographically mobile family and considers Mystic, CT her town of origin. In keeping with her heritage, she now lives full time on the road traveling with her husband of seventeen years, 3 marvelous dogs and one pesky cat. She occupies her days as a full time artist. Her impressionistic art works are owned by both fine art collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Her passionate love of animals and children compels her to contribute much of her work to raise funds for worthy causes such as no-kill shelters, Dogs Deserve Better, Guide Dogs of America, Inc., CASA- protecting foster children (of the human variety) and animal hospice shelters.

Lori has recently been published by PAWS For Charity in the 2010 book PAWS For Charity which is donating all sales to The Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade.