Painters Block-edited

The ability to paint seems to have left me these last couple of weeks. Has that ever happened to any of you? I spent one Sunday trying to paint this one image I had in my head and washed the canvas multiple times. I use watercolor pencils to rough sketch my paintings. What do you all do, or not do, when “painters block” takes over? It may be what is happening AND not happening here that has caused it. As most of you know, we live on the road, because of my husband’s job. This job in Blue Point NY will end May 23, Greg has been applying for permanent positions since December. We have never lived anywhere longer than 5 years; ever…I’m really hoping that we can find a permanent place. The thing that weighs on my mind is the unemployment rate and the economy. The other loathing fact is I have to pack up and move this s… again, argg. OK, as long as I’m venting, I feel I must get this off my chest. I am to be carried on a known web site. I have a signed contract that took 3 months to finalize, the painting's they want to carry have been delivered, the day the contract was signed, and a month later the only thing there is on that site by me is my biography. No “Ruby” no “Bleu Lagon Dane”. I admit, I check every morning like being there is going to make me famous. It’s pathetic. . . On a much happier note, I put pansy out by my front door. And I have another painting ready (I painted it last month and it is finally dry) to donate to a deserving shelter. I thought I had one picked out, AND THEN I read that they had killed over 400 dogs and cats last year??? Sorry, they won’t be getting any paintings from me. Until I’m painting again, I sign off Lori Michelle


Unknown said...

I am so sorry you are going through such a tough time. I am sure you'll find YOUR 'forever home' soon. Just remember, you'll always have your friends in a permanent setting on the web.

FYI, I did not read your blog before I posted in ASAP. Hugs!

Unknown said...

Wow! I already gushed at the ASAP site about Fritter. I am so glad you found a worthy organization for your awesome work. In doing so, you are spreading awareness for this specialized charity also! HUGS!!!!!

Etsy for Animals

Thing you should check out!



Lori Rowe was raised by a geographically mobile family and considers Mystic, CT her town of origin. In keeping with her heritage, she now lives full time on the road traveling with her husband of seventeen years, 3 marvelous dogs and one pesky cat. She occupies her days as a full time artist. Her impressionistic art works are owned by both fine art collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Her passionate love of animals and children compels her to contribute much of her work to raise funds for worthy causes such as no-kill shelters, Dogs Deserve Better, Guide Dogs of America, Inc., CASA- protecting foster children (of the human variety) and animal hospice shelters.

Lori has recently been published by PAWS For Charity in the 2010 book PAWS For Charity which is donating all sales to The Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade.